10 Tips to Write Blog Articles Insanely Faster

Creating good quality content DOES take a vast amount of time.

We have to accept it.

But the thing is, most of us take way too much time to create a piece of content, to the point that it becomes not worth it. And there is always room for improvement.

Especially for beginner Bloggers, researching a topic, deciding the outline, writing the content and formatting is too much effort.

In fact, this article took me more than a month to create.

If you are hustling, trying to be proactive, but you are finding it challenging to write and publish your blog article faster, then this article is for you.

What to Expect?

We will talk about best practices, habits to incorporate, skills to learn, build a process; so that you can produce high quality content faster.

There will not be quick tricks that immediately save you time, for e.g. use spun content or get a GTP-3 bot write for you (you should do it though, if you can).

Check it out

So let’s dive in.

10 Tips to Write blog Articles Faster:

1. Do not focus on quality too much, Focus on Quantity:

I find many people (including me) make it too complicated, spend way too much time on perfecting their articles. Which is obviously time-consuming, also not that useful initially.

What ends up happening is, you don’t finish and publish the article, when it takes too much time.

If you identify yourself as an over-thinker and perfectionist, then this suggestion for you – Don’t feel bad about writing a imperfect article. Now just focus on efficiency.

For the absolute beginner –

You can not become Mozart as soon as you get to touch an instrument for the very first time.

This is not the time for creating masterpieces, this is the time for building the habit of writing and getting comfortable with common content creation tools like Canva, WordPress.

Try building the habit of continuously working towards your goal.

It is really very difficult to do something regularly no matter how easy the task is.

If you are an intermediate or even a pro blogger, struggling to produce content fast – of course, you want to maintain a standard, yet do not ever try to achieve your hundred percent for perfection.

  1. Once you reach a fairly good quality, after that even if you improve the quality by a lot, most people won’t be able to recognize the difference.
  2. After 80% quality achieved already, the effort it takes to improve the quality by 10% will be equal to the effort to create new content of 60-70% of quality.
  3. Also, at that point quality becomes very subjective, so 100% perfection will mean different to different people. Or let’s just assume you don’t care about other people, you writing for yourself. In that case also, if now you feel a content is 100% perfect, after 3 months you have more knowledge, the same article won’t be perfect anymore.

So, why not just to publish it now, irrespective of how good it is. Anyway, you may not be happy with the same after six months no matter how much effort you put.

It is better stop now, publish it and upgrade the content after six months if you want to.

I can not explain this phenomena better than Hank Green, so please watch this one of my most favourite video ever

So focus more on get it done. This approach will save a ton of time.

See the best quality comes by keeping creating something over a long period of time.

You take 3 days to write the perfect article, the thing is after few months when you have more knowledge that same article won’t be perfect anymore. So it is never worth to try to write a post so perfect when you always come back and update the post anytime later. If you were writing a book, then that would be useful, not so much on posts.

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2. Gesture Drawing for Writers:


This is my own idea I haven’t seen anyone talking about it. I’m pretty sure many writers do something like this, but the idea is not so popular.

Dec 10, 2020 update: What a coincidence! While updating this article I was looking for a suitable image. Found the above image from a piece which talking about something similar. Please check the image source.

So, the Idea is, every day you randomly pick an idea and write anything that comes into your mind. Don’t focus on Grammar and Spelling, do not think of creating good quality, write anything as fast as you can.

It is not for your blog, it is just to practice writing. So, it is kind of sprint for writing. You do it for 15 minutes to half an hour everyday.

I got this idea from a common practice among fine artists. It is called gesture drawing, basically you have to draw an entire figure or landscape in just like 30 sec or 1 min, and do this for half an hour to an hour. You only can draw the important things and must skip unnecessary details.

This helped improved my drawing skills, speed, and observation skills more than anything. I’m sure something like that will be useful for writing as well.

You may do this mostly before starting to actually write a blog post as a warm up process.

You can even answer in forums, groups, QnA sites like Quora, but it is better to practice this with pen and paper only.

3. Try to get as less destructed as possible

When sit to write the article stay away from the things that distract you and build habits which are distraction less in nature:

  1. Maybe start writing with pen and paper not on a digital device. If you are writing on Laptop or Phone, disconnect the Internet. Close all the application you do not need right while writing.
  2. If you typing on one device keep the other ones far from your reach.
  3. Try not to think of another task or article you have to write the next.
  4. You may listen to some productivity musics, Deep Focus Playlist on Spotify works great. Do not play a very familiar song, it takes away some attention.

4. Do a quick keyword research before writing an Article:

It doesn’t actually reduce the time, but saves you from mistakes that could potentially take away a lot of time.

At the same time, if a bit Keyword research makes your content more successful, isn’t the extra time well spent?

Sometimes we end up using use wrong phrases or keywords, or use the words that are not popular among people.

Example: for this particular article I was thinking to have a heading something like “how to write fast”, after checking it on Google I found all results are on “how to type fast”, not “how to create content faster. So, if I didn’t make the little search I wouldn’t have realized that I was targeting wrong phrase. Not only my articles wouldn’t rank, but also might displease readers.

So bare minimum keyword research is absolutely necessary.

Just Google a little bit, you will have the correct idea.

Consider checking “Google Predictions”, “People also asks”, “Searches related to” for other keywords suggestions.

But, yes, it takes extra time. But that is why I brought the next point for you.

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5. Do research in Bulk and have a Content Calendar

You waste a ton of time figuring out what the topic you should write about.

Here is the solution.

Keep a list of topic ideas ready. Push them into a content calendar.

Maybe research about content ideas in bulk. Or whenever you come up with some ideas consuming others content, add that to your Calendar.

Starting from a blank page is daunting, so make use of your ideas in the calendar.

6. Create Templates:

So, where it applies to create a template that you can use over and over.

This certainly applies to content for Amazon Affiliate Websites. The posts like “Review of a product”, “top 10 product under $***”, “buyers guide” – generally follow standard structures.

Create a template for each type of articles, maybe a word document, which you will copy whenever you want to write a new post.

You do not have to write the same things over and over again, only change the text or info that varies.

Also, starting with a blank page is daunting, these templates can be helpful.

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7. Do not Entertain a task to take more time than it requires:

Parkinson’s Law says –

Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

Someone generalized that – “The amount of time that one has to perform a task is the amount of time it will take to complete the task.”

What that means a task will take as much time you allow the task to take.

When you’re up against a wall, you will be hyper-focussed and finish the work in time.

Have a clear, specific time and date by which you must complete the content AND have a set amount of time to do the work.

And don’t allow yourself to fail.

I have borrowed from Marie Forleo. You may check her article below.

8. Do not edit or proofread while writing:

While writing you should be focusing on getting the ideas out of your mind as fast as possible. Do not think about spelling, grammar, good vocab and all. Just get it out on paper or screen.

9. Make use of tools:

Use Grammarly for performing a grammar check quickly and do the formatting feature.

You can also use Evernote or Notion, becuase these tools allow both online and offline support, can sync with your phone and computer, also can open in a browser, allows internal linking, which is awesome.

If you need to quickly convert some text into uppercase or lower case, use convertcase.net.

10. Be a fast typer

And of course, typing fast helps a LOT.

You don’t just save time typing, when you type fast you get more time to think in between sentences and there will be less chance of forgetting something. It very important, so watch and video and practice.

Hope these tips were useful. Most the tips won’t make you create content fast immediately, but if you incorporate these habbits, you can become a content beast.

But at end of the day, you have to accept that creating good content takes time.

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