My experience with different Hosting Services

Issues with adding addon domains

Being able to add Addon domains without changing the nameservers is very necessary. Different hosting providers have different requirements for adding addon domains. Those are completely unnecessary.

ResellerClub allows you to add it simply without changing the nameservers. You simply add addon domains, install WordPress, and do many things. Then you can change the nameservers whenever you please and make the site live.

Namecheap allows you to add without changing the nameservers but you have to validate using one of the following methods.

Which is okay, but unnecessary.

Nettigritty doesn’t allow you at all. You must change the nameservers.

Which is totally problematic. I have personally faced two major issue.

Migrating WordPress website with zero downtime

To migrate a WordPress website with no downtime, being able to add addon domains, and uploading the site back up without changing the nameservers is essential. So, with nettigritty hosting, you can’t achieve this.

Multiple servers one domain

It is possible to host different portions of a site in different hosting. For example, you can host your main site www.yourname.com with AWS and the blog section www.blog.yourname.com in GoDaddy. It is a very useful feature.

Lets you have a SaaS tool, which is the main site hosted on AWS. You want the nameservers to be pointed to AWS.

You want have the blog on a subdomain, which will be hosted on WPEngine. And don’t really want nameservers to pointed to WPEngine.

If WPEngine allows having the addon domain without changing the nameservers, then you can create a blog on a subdomain and then just add an A record and it will work nicely.

So, though I had a good experience using Nettigritty hosting, but can’t recommend, especially because of the first reason.

Problem Nginx server

Most of the WordPress hosting we use are on Apache server. But is is possible to use Nginx server. And I believe it is faster.

But don’t use Nginx hosting in shared hosting. Unless you are pretty technical and comfortable with cloud hosting services like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean it is better to avoid Nginx. Because –

Source: https://wordpress.org/support/article/nginx/

Basically, what it says, you can’t do many things like, changing the permalink setting, updating the .htaccess file. In Apache sever they done from the directory or WordPress itself. but on the Nginx server, they are done at the server level.

So, unless you are comfortable handling the server, as in Google Cloud, AWS, Digital ocean, then it is a disaster. With many WordPress hosting providers you can’t even access those even if you are tech-savvy, it is done from their side.

Opt for Live Chat support. But Telephone support is unnecessary

You need to know on several occasions you may need to your hosting providers support. And many times there will be urgency. Live chat support is cool as the support is Faster.

But if you are looking for really cheap hosting then of course that can’t be possible. So, you have to satisfied with the ticket support. But sokme hosting providers are quite quick with that.

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  1. Hey Nice Article and learning a lot from your experiences.

    No Doubt One should always go for the best hosting providers only rather than going for cheap one and then facing the issue by downtime which will affect the brand value a lot higher in the future run.

    WPX Hosting is no doubt as Barathkumaar told in previous comment, but its way too costly for startups and small scale businesses.

    So I would also suggest you check the TMD Hosting. Its one of the best in the globe. Especially their Cloud Hosting is too superb. And their pricing is also not that too high. The performance is great so far, I am using it for some websites of mine and my clients from last couple of years. The Best part is that the support is awesome with live chat and support ticket feature.

    Jackson Monichan
    Learn WP Tutorials


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