6 Ways Anyone can Earn Promoting Hosting Affiliate Programs

I have just read this article by Deepak sir from Digital Deepak. It showed the potential of how much money can be made easily.

But it is nothing. I am sure with a huge following like him, he could make much more than that. He is not even trying, he is more focused on building a bigger community educating India about Digital Marketing, not just improve his sales and earnings.

You find his Digital Deepak Internship Program from where you can actually get paid to learn.

I bet he could make at least double, I actually believe he could make 5 or 10 times more if he wanted to.

That’s just a little motivation, of course, you will not have it so easy. You will be struggling to make even one sale, but if you continue it gets easier.

In his article, he said the ways he earns money with his already existing following, but that doesn’t help us beginners make money when we have no following at all.

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So, here in this article, I will be exploring ways you can make money by recommending hosting as beginners.

So tips will be on ways to sell those hosting. I but our intention will be not just selling but at same the time build the base of your reputation and business that in the long run maker it effortless.

Learn one or more skills that are helpful for
Or build some resource that is helpful for them.

At the same time find them, then do a little sales work like talking to them explain them. And those resources will support you make the sale easily. You have to spend less time each time you have a lead.

The bare minimum requirement is you should have a beautiful website. Well, if you have good sales skills you can get away with it, and minimum sale skill is necessary, but with no marketing skills it is not scalable. For me, I am not good at selling or even talking to people but we make up with marketing skills. So, as I said before you need to create some resources or learn some skills, the website is needed 1. To host those resources, make them available for people 2. As proof: you are recommending people about hosting, you are expected to be experienced before recommending them, or if you are providing them we design services, there should be proof that you actually do know what you are talking about. For that, you can use cheap but good enough hosting like ResellerClub (not an affiliate link).

You should know about the hosting you are recommending, how is the speed, their uptime, how is there support, all that. Those you can just learn from reading others experiences, just choose reputed people who earn a lot of other ways so that they don’t promote bad hosting for money. like in Deepak Sir’s post itself, or Harsh Agarwal.

I will also later write about my experiences with different hosts, I have experience in Using GoDaddy, InMotion, HostGator WordPress hosting, ResellerClub, Hostinger, InterServer Hosting, Symbol Host (Free One),. Comment below if you want me to write a comparison blog post about my experience on those.

See it’s so easy for him to make that amount of money because he has a large email list. Thousands of people believe him, love his work, follow him. For him, it is almost effortless to sell these people. But the thing is he also stated from none of those followers and initially he has put a lot of effort into that, and most of it seemed to have been completely useless if you judge by looking at immediate results. But of course, it wasn’t useless at all for the long term. It is that seemingly useless that helped him build a repo that he is enjoying now.

Heck, at that time people even didn’t know that their business could help from online presence, a lot difficult to educate people than convince them to purchase your recommended hosting.

But he did it, now he has made it like a digital empire. More than 2.5l people follow him only on FB, a Group created by him that has more than 1.5l active participants.

Join FB groups:

The Bloggers’ Team [Let’s Grow Together]

Find local businesses and pitch them your ideas, that you are a developer you just want local businesses to go online and they just have to pay for domain and hosting, you build the website for free. But they have to choose among hostings you recommend, with other hosting providers you don’t enjoy hosting your site. And you build a basic website for them but if they need extra features or design changes and revisions, of course, they have to pay extra.

This is just one way also keep an eye for everything, if you know a little bit of graphic design, logo design just keep your eyes open, see what people are discussing in social media groups. But mostly a person already has new hosting and you find the logo is not good, pitching them won’t help you, they are not going to move the hosting now. But you can just test if they are interested, let’s say their site is slow, then just tell them their site is slow, it a bad experience for his targeted audience, and see what he says, you will come to know if they will be interested in changing host. In that case, a better suited free service to provide will be WordPress Speed Optimization.

If you have good sales skills, that you can convince people immediately, then it will be a piece of cake for

You have t

You have to go the extra mile, and it will seem that the time you are putting in is not worth it.

Well, that is true when you compared to a job, but the thing is probably you don’t like much or earn enough in your current job that is why you are looking for

One suggestion, don’t offer this free service to an already well-running huge website, first of all, they won’t accept your offer and most importantly it’s a very difficult job to rebuild a website with a lot of content and a huge risk of messing things up, you very likely gonna ruin there business, unless if you are expert already. The process needs very much experienced person, a lot of manual work, each every page content you have to design manually, you might also have to spend money from your pocket, for e.g. for backing up your site you only just rely on manual backup, you need two-three types of backups for Safety. And for larger sites migration services (like all in one migration plugin) won’t be free. It won’t be worth the commission nor will help you build a long term relationship as you are very likely not have a good experience with him.

Choose Hostings on Different price range

Tip: You can use Landing Pages to increase the chance of people buying from your affiliate link.

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