Sanjay Shenoy – My Favourite Content Marketer

Sanjay Shenoy is my favourite content marketer.

He is also a speaker, trainer, and co-founder of Pixeltrack. He has spoken in TEDx.

A few major things I like about him are, of course, his knowledge, understanding, clarity of thought – ok, these all are general qualities, any expert will have in his/her field, along with that I like his personality, his VOICE, overall presentation.

Here is a video that made him my most favourite. In this video he talks about Creating SEO Roadmaps – this is the most comprehensive video on SEO I have ever seen.

I knew almost everything. But I couldn’t wrap my head around all the things in SEO at once. I mean I understood each of the things individually but couldn’t visualize the entire picture. Also, I wouldn’t be able to explain this to someone in just one sitting.

But another big reason I like him is because of this incident. Once he had posted one contest this on his page and I won it.

Of course, everyone knew the answer but somehow I have won it.

He sent this gift – Lost and Founder by Rand Fishkin. And Rand Fishkin is again my most favourite SEO personality for a long time.

Another fun thing happened. By mistake, he ordered some other thing in my address. Then, I think, he had cancelled and Amazon got confused with this order and cancellation requests.

The order didn’t get delivered to my place, but a guys came to collect the order, saying I had requested a return. I was like like – “What? I haven’t received it yet. It was a gift, I am very much looking forward to having it. Why would I return it?”

Here is what he ordered.

Though It was not certain that he has ordered it. But surely it was him because my name says Durbar Ezio Ghosh in the slips he brought, same as my FB profile. Ezio is not in my name, you guys will know who is Ezio if you play video games. Certainly, it came from someone in my FB contact, only he knew my address there.

I was sad. I didn’t get the gift and the guy has come to collect it. It was like KLPD (if you know what that means, I will give a hint – it is NSFW), then “Ghao Par Namak Chidakna (घाव पर नमक छिड़कना)”.

Anyway, after two days I have received the book. A lot of thanks to Sanjay. It is my favourite gift. I love Rand Fishkin, and I love buying books (though I do not love reading much), Lost and Founder was always been in my wishlist.

Another gift I have received is I got an invitation to join Private FB Group: Content Marketing Mastery, which is a private group for the students of his Content Marketing Mastery Course. The group is really awesome. They do not post there are a lot, but all the posts are truly useful. That’s another thing I like about him. He is more of quality than quantity.

Sanjay was interviewing Rand, and probably to promote that he had this contest. Basically, this fact that he is interviewing Rand Fishkin, he came to my attention more and it triggered the urge to knowing about him more.

I searched about him and found these all things about him on the internet:

Here is another value-packed video presentation by Sanjay at Ctrl+F5 event at Hyderabad

His TEDx talks: Content without Context is Useless | Sanjay Shenoy | TEDxCovelong


His Blog: https://sanjayshenoy.com/

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/SanjayShenoyDM/

His Facebook Group: Content Marketing Mastery (Private)

As a Colleague of Digital Deepak, he also participates in Learn Digital Marketing FB group.

His Content Marketing Mastery Course: https://learn.digitaldeepak.com/p/content-marketing-mastery

Check it out even if you do not plan to enrol, there are 4 lessons available for free. So much valuable.

His YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgNc0BOqMpZZz54Fw-InWcQ

In this playlist, he has interviewed may famous personality in Digital Marketing Space, like Rand Fishkin, Larry Kim, Neil Patel and so on: Interview Series

Another lesson from his course, he had available for Free: How NOT to Sound like a Non-Native Writer

HIIT SEO course, here is a review by Bhavik from BoggingYeti.

These videos are not showing on his channel. I don’t know why. This is not unlisted: How User Personas Can Make You A Better Marketer

Some of the interview videos:

I would recommend his Content Marketing Mastery Course to anyone considering learning Content Marketing and SEO. I personally want to learn the course, I am not doing right now because there are so many things to do in Roadmap now. Once I get some of those work, I am surely joining it. But by following him everywhere, reading his blog articles, watching his interviews, I am damn sure that enrolling this course will be worth.

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  1. This is superb, Durbar.

    Sanjay is a gem of a person and his videos (courses or otherwise) are a gold mine. And it’s just awesome that you have complied some of his most amazing content in one blog post. Thanks for sharing this. Much appreciated.


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