How to choose article topics in different phases of your website

How many of you can relate to this?

You have spent so much time choosing a perfect niche, do extensive research on finding long-tail keywords that will surely bring you traffic. You have watched hundreds of videos have read thousands of blog posts, tried all tricks in the book.

But you end up one of these following ways –

  1. The process looked so intimidating that you did not put the work as much as you should have
  2. You learned all you started working, but then you realise the process is not as simple as it seems
  3. You have done all, you think did a good job but you are not seeing the results you expected

So, if you can relate to these, follow along. I will talk about a strategic approach choosing the topics/ articles to write on, choosing the keywords to target.

Well, I can not say it will be very easy, but I think what I am going to suggest will ease it by a lot. It will multiply the chances of your success by several folds.

[Keep in mind that, this applies to the beginners, more expert bloggers or SEOs it might not be as much worth. But in the end, I will talk about a few scenarios where professional content marketers and SEOs can find this approach very useful]

*this is an unfinished article, it’s the fast draft, so you might find many things repeated and rough.*

Have the right Expectation:

Since in the beginning, it is very difficult to choose a proper niche, also choosing topics to cover is a lot harder, here is what you should do instead –

Do not go so much niche, also feel free to change/move your targetted niche a bit depending on the knowledge you receive while working on industry. Go Des go a little bit broad, have an extra little room to wiggle around.

[More on it]

So, at first, you need to try to figure out what all the categories are in that industry or in the broad niche and write a few articles on all the important topics for all the categories.

Test the Water

Do gridding, test different content

This is very much recommended to cover the whole industry, I mean you must cover the overview and fundamentals. Cover at least the fundamental. And maybe you don’t need to write well-researched articles, do not spend too much time writing these articles. You are just testing the waters now.

But make sure to cover the overview, important topics on all the categories in that broad niche.

Also, in the beginning, phase, you will not be knowing many things in the niche and you need to research on everything in that. So one thing you can do is, whatever you learn now, just put it out for the world. Well, maybe not for the world but for Google only. Right now this is a great thing to do.

It is also recommended because right now you are not an expert. So no matter how much time you spent researching and writing good articles, after 3 months to 6 months you’ll feel it is not that good, a noob has written this. So anyway you have to improve the article letter, then why to spend too much time trying to write one perfect article now?

Right now write only for Google maybe not for the people.

Well, you can write on the topics which you really wanted to write on, you may already have spent some time on choosing good topics which you think should rank. But at the same time, do those which I have said above.

Few months of writing like this you will see some of the articles started ranking, actually all the articles will start ranking for some keywords if not in the first page but somewhere in the SERP. It will happen that you will discover many new keywords in Google Search Console that are long tail, and worth writing on.

So my point is, first write on short-tail and very common keywords and not very niche or specific ones. But with broad keywords don’t spend too much time on these articles, just let it out for the web.

Then you have Google Search Console generating long-tail keywords and specific topics, with which you are very much certain to rank in Google.

Later you will discover some new keywords, which your articles are ranking for but you intentionally were not targeting.

So, here the cool thing – if you are ranking on these keywords even though you are not directly targeting those, so when you create dedicate article for those, these articles will surely rank good.

So this way you can discover new keywords which you certainly rank for. This is why this is the best way to go if you are not a very expert in guessing the keywords whether you rank for those.

And even if you rank for those keywords, the search volume data provided by the SEO tools are not always correct, and you might not receive the amount of traffic that you had expected, even though you are ranking well.

This process takes time but the time you spend is worth it, because as you have covered all the fundamentals in the niche it will help you rank future articles much easily. You have created a solid foundation by covering those topics.

What Google wants

Google likes to rank websites which are authority and expert on the industry. But before your website already bringing some search engine traffic and show some user behaviour metrics to Google, it has to figure out some other ways to do that. Google reads all those words, terms and topics you have mentioned in your website and individual articles, and if you have covered all those fundamentals, you know something, so chances are you are an expert.

Google also uses backlinks for that, but getting backlinks much difficult but covering the topics you can do easily, without putting much effort on creating each article very nicely, with like, custom made images and infographics.

Discover new, specific and longtail keywords, and upgrade and create amazing articles those will surely rank

So you cover the fundamentals, then – once you have discovered other longtail keywords from GSC, then maybe write fairly good articles on those longtail keywords.

Keep writing this will also take some time and this person also repeats you maybe later you want to check some other topics under the umbrella which you haven’t covered so maybe in future also you can do the same thing also maybe now you have if you have started ranking in East just want to try out your sister niches s rank for more keywords so that your traffic potential is more. –

Create a spreadsheet, evaluate your articles and keywords, and find out which keywords are performing. You will find many low hanging fruits. For example, some keywords are ranking like on number 9 number 10 and if you improve the articles, most certainly you will rank on number 4-5 or even on 1st position. Maybe some keywords are ranking on 4-5 and you haven’t even tried properly, you can rank within the top 3. Maybe some keywords are ranking on top positions on the second page, you can bring them to the first page. Right now is the time to create awesome content and bring traffic, get sells or make ad revenue.

Take this article as an example:

If you have read this article till now, you must have noticed this is a draft, I have just jotted down my ideas but didn’t spend the time to properly structure it. I do not call it low quality because I believe the idea is great, only the presentation is not. Anyway, right now I wanted to save time and not spend time on decorating. So these kinds of articles work really well, except you much make sure you have touched all the topics which most of the first page results for the targetted keyword is covering.

But maybe don’t follow my blog completely because with this blog I am not practising what I pitch. SEO is one of the most competitive topics to cover, so I am not expecting Search Engine traffic just yet, so not doing SEO for this blog yet.

Be Ready to Fail:

And you need to know that even for the best person in the industry do not succeed in a hundred out of hundred times. Even great investors in the world are not successful with all their investments, maybe they are successful with about 10% of 5% of 3% of investment but with those three investments they make all the money and which recovers 97% of the failures.

So you need to be ready to fail sometimes, otherwise, you cannot learn and get an opportunity to succeed later. In fact, many professional bloggers will tell you that your 1st blog will mostly fail. That is just pure statistics that most of the people starting blogs will fail in their first attempts, or even first few attempts. Even the experts are not successful with all of their attempts, they fail too many times. But the good thing for experts is that they already have the money and resources, and they do not rely on just one website like you. They have several websites or businesses, some of which succeed, and profit from those makes up for all those failures.

Well, in the beginning, it is advised that you should focus on one blog, working on a lot of things while you are just learning will be an overburden. But you should be ready to fail and should be a little bit flexible on your choice of niche as you are just learning now.

So you create content on different topics and keep on exploring. Of course, all of the articles you write will not be hit. but few will be, and those few will be enough that failure of most of the articles is worth.

Message to Professionals

Again as I mentioned already, this is only for the beginners, for more advanced SEO person or advance affiliate marketers maybe it is not worth spending all the time creating that many contents. Because they already can find articles topics which can rank, more efficiently.

If you are an expert and providing SEO or content marketing service to some other company in an industry which you do not have much knowledge. So while doing the research and learning more about the industry, then this approach is good.

Also, this is not recommended at all for Content Marketing for business websites. Because as you are mostly gonna do a lot of branding, you don’t want any single potential client gets pissed off with crappy content. You are mostly spending a lot of branding, promotions, advertisements, so you can’t afford to screw those up. So, for business websites, it is highly recommended higher an experienced content marketer.

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