Advanced Reset WP by 3y3ik – What happened to it?

Advanced reset WP used to be an awesome plugin for resetting your WordPress website to its default setting. Built by Russian developer known as 3y3ik, the plugin allowed the users to delete WordPress Database, Posts and Pages, Themes and Plugins, and all other files in the directory of your cPanel, all by just one click – I found it pretty cool.

Now the plugin is discontinued, you can’t download it anymore from the Playstore and app store.

Basically, what happened it the plugin got acquired by WebFactory Ltd and then they developed their own product and discontinued this plugin.

Download the Plugin

Somewhere between August 25, 2018, and August 27, 2018, the developer of the plugin has changed from 3y3ik to WebFactory Ltd.

Probably qEX.company the developer’s current website, because http://3y3ik.info/ was redirecting to qEX.company.

So the plugin is not available in the Plugin Directory of WordPress. But I have a copy of the plugin, you can download Advanced Reset WP from here.

If you are worried about downloading a file from untrusted sources like this website, which you should be, scan files before downloading.

Reset WordPress using Advanced Reset WP plugin

Follow this tutorial to reset your website using Advanced Reset WP

Alternet ways to Reset your WordPress website

There are several ways you can reset your WordPress website, but to save your time do not look for tutorials on Google or youtube all r useless, even tutorial by WPBeginer.  checked all of them and linked to those which actually works.

#1 Delete WordPress files manually and reinstall WordPress

Delete all the WordPress files from the File Manager Database in cPanel. And install a fresh WordPress. This process is a bit time consuming and a lot of technical. So you mostly want to avoid this one.

#2 Using some other plugins

Sadly there many other really popular plugins that do not do the job properly. They mostly delete the database, they delete posts and pages, deactivate plugins, leave the files (like uploaded media files) in your server. Which is even worse as now you can not like WP Reset – Most Advanced WordPress Reset Tool. Though these plugins do not do the job as easily as our Advanced Reset WP does, yet they are good enough to consider, also if you don’t want download plugin from an unreputable source like this website, this will be the most feasible option. I will link to a nice tutorial on how to do it.

#3 Using a migration plugin

Here you install a migration plugin, that allows you to one-click install from backup, take back up of another website, or previous that has the all basic plugins installed and setups ready.

This method can be very much useful in some scenarios. I personally use it a lot of times – the Starter Site Method.

If there are some plugins and WordPress settings that you use for all of your projects, then it makes sense to always keep a backup of a site with all those important plugins, themes installed and settings ready and use that as the foundation. In case you are interested, I use Elemntor, GP Premium or Astra themes, Post Duplicator, CF7, Code Snippet, Head & Footer code plugins in all of my projects. It can save a lot of time if all plugins installed and setups are done automatically.

The process is almost as soon as fast as resetting WordPress with those plugins, especially if you need those starter sites features. Plugins like All-in-One WP Migration do the job like breeze.

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