Sanjay Shenoy: My Favourite Content Marketer

Sanjay Shenoy is my favourite content marketer. He is also a speaker, trainer, and co-founder of Pixeltrack. He has spoken in TEDx. Few major things I like about him are, of course, his knowledge, understanding, clarity of thought – ok, these all are general qualities, any expert will have in his/her field, along with that […]

SEO for Book Review Bloggers | Get Audience from Google

Here is a book review (and little travel too) blogĀ Ecstatic yet Chaotic, it is of a friend of one of my best friends. Being an SEO enthusiastic, I thought to have a look at her blog to see if I have any suggestions that might be helpful for her and other this kind blogs to […]

6 Ways Anyone can Earn Promoting Hosting Affiliate Programs

I found this article by Deepak sir from Digital Deepak. It showed potential of how much money can be made easily. But it is nothing. I am sure with a huge following like him, he could make much more than that. He is not even trying hard here, he is more focused on building bigger […]

10 Insane Tips to Write blog Articles Faster

The thing is, creating good quality content DOES take some time to create. We have to accept that. But the thing is most of us take way too many time to create a piece of content, to the point that it becomes not worth anymore and there is always room for improvement. You will find […]